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We co-invest, design and accelerate disruptive ventures Complete execution, or we complement what is missing.

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Our Portfolio

Some of our projects

#1 Fast impact on your bottom line


Develop complex pandemic Apps
in less than 48 Hours
with successful government launch,

1 Billion People
reached with social messages
in less than 6 months.

Develop a next-gen insurance company
in less than 15 Weeks
with successful full-compliance launch.

2 Billion €
in Assets under Management for our fin-tech
in less than 1 year.

#2 Improving Lives


We have over
1 million students

We developed pro-bono the largest social
entrepreneurship ecosystem in LATAM
in less than 6 months.

We aim to impact 1 billion families,
currently 100 million.

We have assisted
100+ NGOs

800,000 Co-Creators

We aim to save 100 billion trees,
we will secure 500 million large trees
in first 8 months.

#3 Stable & Profitable Partner


Yearly results:
3M Profits

Increase Valuation of Assets

Human-Machine hybrid for automated accounting.

We grow fast...

TOP 5 Fastest Growing Accounting
in Spain in < 2 years.

… and we do it with stability

50% Operational Margin in a
segment with low to no margins

#4 Overcome Complexity & Achieve Security


Development & deployment of
Advanced Cryptography
Machine Learning enhanced
medical apps for
Fortune 500 and governments.

10 Billion +
Data Points for Medical Apps
Fully GDPR/HIPAA Compliant

Should we partner up to improve the World?

Venture Builder

Complex ventures made easy and fast. We can co-invest or not.


Full-stack Design Sprint
From Value Proposition Validation to Interactive Prototype.

Next-Gen Acquisition

We integrate into your team, optimice processes and create systems to excel at digital marketing.


From strategy to design, validation, build and growth, let's talk about results driven innovation!

Open Innovation that impacts bottom line

Boost your innovation and find potential solucions.

Launch And Automate investment funds

When done rights, VCs are to beatiful, powerful tool.

Social Impact & Digital Twins

We are responsible for preserving and increasing the resilience of a large area of trees.

Plug & Play tools to scale your business

Scalability, Zero trust, Colaboration, Big Data...

About us

We support, develop and invest in purpose-driven innovative business.

Founded in 2008, Capital Certainty was created as a vehicle to invest in paradigms that could and should shift for the global good of our society.

We do these investments in the form of new ventures, start-up investments, technology assets development or partnerships with key actors in most relevant sectors.

  • 500+ Digital Innovation Ecosystems
  • Synching with 100k communities
  • Activating 1B Followers
  • Analyzing 50B Signals
  • Centralizing 30M freelancers
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